Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Party Jitters
Angela Henry

I'm making final preparations for my book launch this Saturday at B Daltons. I had a book launch for my first book but it was a small private affair with family and friends. This time around it will be open to the public and I'm worried there will be either too much or too little food. I'm also worried no one will show up. Then again, I'm worried people will show up, eat up all the food, and not buy any books. Or show up, not eat or buy any books. Or worse yet, show up, pelt me with rotten fruit, call me names, and run me off the premises. Okay, I know that won't happen. I hope. Seriously, I do feel like and eighth grader worried that no one will come to my sleep over.

I did get a nice write up in my hometown paper the Springfield News-Sun the other day. But a newspaper article doesn't guarantee people will come to a signing. I watched Kathy Griffin's show "My Life On The D-List" last year and remember an episode where she was promoting her latest comedy DVD. She was going to be signing copies of it at either Tower Records or Virgin Mega store in New York and did a ton of press: The View, Leno, some radio interviews, etc. So how many people showed up to her signing after doing all that high profile press? Eleven people. Eleven! Of course it could have all been staged just to prove that she truly is on the D-list. I'll let you know how the party goes. But hey, if no one shows up maybe I can have my own reality show: Angela Henry "My life on the Z-List".


Greeneyedrican said...

I hope it is wonderful...and everyone shows and buys tons of books..I'll be praying for a successful outcome for you :)

Angela Henry said...

Thank you! It's just my nerves talking. I'm sure it will be a lot of fun and I appreciate the prayers : ).


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