Friday, August 22, 2008

Book News You Can Use

Dust off those short stories because Essence Magazine is having another short Fiction contest!

Check out this interview with author/publisher Karen Hunter about her new imprint with Pocket Books/Simon & Schuster. is a site where readers can view book trailers and authors and publishers can have another outlet to showcase their books trailers.

Arabesque, a division of my publisher Kimani Press, is supporting St. Jude Children's Research Hospital through a fall 2008 book series, Novels of Hope. National best selling authors Sandra Kitt and Gwynne Forster have crafted two heartwarming novels that will bring awareness to the life-saving mission of St. Jude. Click here to read how you can become a Partner in Hope.

Voting continues for the 4th annual African-American Literary Awards Show nominees. Get those votes in before September 5th! (hint hint!)

Have greet weekend!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Book videos: You Belong to Me, On Fire

I wanted to share with you book videos for my romantic suspense releases, You Belong to Me and On Fire. My husband, who's a videographer/editor, created them. I'm very proud of his work.

Here's the link to the You Belong to Me video and here's the one for the On Fire video. Don't forget to select the "watch in high quality" option, which appears under the "Views" counter. I hope you enjoy the videos!

Happy reading and writing!


Monday, August 04, 2008


I must be living under a rock these days because I just found out that Diva's Last Curtain Call was nominated for an Open Book Award for Best Mystery by the African-American Literary Awards Show! My publisher, Kimani Press, was also nominated for Publisher of the Year! The nominees were announced last week and are voted on by the public. Click here to see the complete list of nominees and to vote for me (Pretty Please!). Voting ends September 5th and the winners will be announced in a live ceremony on September 25th at the Harlem Gatehouse in NYC! I'm so so honored! And so so surprised!!

Angela ; )

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Creative boosts

Last week, we talked about our creative spots; the place - or places - where we're the most productive with our writing.

This week, I'd like to chat about our creative boosts; what we do when we're having trouble with a scene or a chapter or maybe even the entire work in progress.

Some of my writer friends read the last couple of pages or scenes to get back into the story. Other friends re-read the synopsis to get back into the creative flow. I've found both of these suggestions very helpful. Have you ever tried either or both of these tricks?

I have a process. As I may have mentioned, I do most of my writing at night. I get home from my day job, have dinner and take care of a few chores. Then I exercise. While exercising, I'll think about where I am in the story and where I need to go. Then, in the shower, I'll talk through my next scene. Yes, that's right. I'll talk it through. Out loud. But, hey. I'm in the shower. The water's running. And, even if my husband hears me, he doesn't become overly concerned.

So, what are some of your tips for getting the creative juices flowing?

Write happy!


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