Monday, August 18, 2008

Book videos: You Belong to Me, On Fire

I wanted to share with you book videos for my romantic suspense releases, You Belong to Me and On Fire. My husband, who's a videographer/editor, created them. I'm very proud of his work.

Here's the link to the You Belong to Me video and here's the one for the On Fire video. Don't forget to select the "watch in high quality" option, which appears under the "Views" counter. I hope you enjoy the videos!

Happy reading and writing!



CS Designs said...

Hi Patricia,

I love the trailers for your books. Your husband did a fantastic job. I feature book trailers on my blog and will definitely include one of yours in next week's update.

It's at:

~ Charlotte

angela henry said...


I loved your trailers! Your husband is very talented ; ).


patricia sargeant said...

Charlotte! Thank you so much for taking the time to look at the videos, and for your very kind words. I'm honored that you're boing to feature one of the trailers on your Web site. Thank you!

patricia sargeant said...

Hi, Angela!

Thank you so much for looking at the videos. I've shared your compliment with my husband. :)


Rhonda McKnight said...

Very nice. Made me want to buy Belong to Me. Congrats on the RT review.

patricia sargeant said...

Hi, Rhonda.

Thank you so much.


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