Monday, January 09, 2006


I'm the world's biggest procrastinator. When I think about how many books I could have written by now if it weren't for all the time I waste, I could just scream. Like the other night, I could have been working on my new book, which is due to my editor at the end of March. But what was I doing? Watching some stupid movie on cable where people were being eaten by giant prehistoric insects. I waste a lot of time watching TV. I always tell myself I'm going to do something really constructive with my free time, like rearrange my closet. Yeah, right. But then I start running the channels and soon I'm vegetating and watching some show on the Travel Channel or a movie on Lifetime. I actually have to force myself to write. Once I really get on a roll with my writing I have a hard time stopping. But actually making myself sit down to write is getting harder and harder. I have no idea why. I did manage to do something constructive yesterday. I rearranged my bedroom to make way for my new toy. I can't wait for it to arrive. The only down side is: I can watch movies on it, too!



R.J. Baker said...

Write, write, write. Submit...

Angela Henry said...

I'm back on track and writing away ;).

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