Tuesday, January 17, 2006

(Singing) Procrastination is funny, it makes a cloudy day sunny, makes a bird think of honey...
I hear you, crimesistah. I have the same problem. My goal this year is to write two books, but first... Well, everything seems to come first. The end of February I intend to finish book three, but meanwhile, my mind keeps busy and buzzing with promotion concerns, publicity for, calling for booksignings, etc. and how am I going to get the money to do anything to make a dent out there in the big world!! AND I'm watching a lot of Texas Hold 'Em (Poker TV)!! Talk about procrastination. My rationale is--my main character is a gambler and plays poker, among other things.

I'm feng-shui-ing my place again. Trying to stir up new energy. I'm feeling stagnant and slothful. Up until 5 AM day before yesterday, moving furniture, setting up a fountain in my living room. Did I write that day? No. But it felt good.

I corresponded with a writer who writes romances AND mystery. She puts out 2-4 books a year, writes articles, maintains a blog, tours, and does other writerly things. I was exhausted after reading her note. That's when I made a decision to write two books this year. Well, I'd better get started. Okay, get up now. Move my body. Get out of this blog and on to writing. Well??? My impetus--if I don't write it, my agent can't sell it. I was in for two books with my publisher--I don't know what they're going to do with book three. Will they or won't they??
But first--I have to finish!!
'Night all--back to feng shui-ing.

PS Publisher sent me a copy of Down and Dirty: Another Landlord's Tale. I sat down and read it as a stranger might read it. Funny, some parts I didn't really remember. But it wasn't so bad after all. Ha!


Idrissa said...

Hi Gammy:

I haven't been reading as much because I have been writing my first novel. I am happy to report that I am happily writing on a continuing basis which means that my book reviewing career is in danger. LOL

I am really souped up about my novel and I love the feelings that I get when I am at the end of a writing spell (the spells come two or three times a day) and my eyes are tired and watery and I have written several good pages. I feel an unnnatural high...

But I just started your new book; Down and Dirty this morning....

Loyalty to a fellow-former book reviewer pushed me to it.

Have a good time with book number three...we're waiting on it.

BTW: I really like this blog...it's really cool. Do they still say that?


The Crime Sistahs said...

Hey, Idrissa,
You keep popping up everywhere! One of these days we'll meet. Yes, keep coming back and pass the word. We're trying to get mystery and other writers to comment on this site. Make it an informative and perhaps entertaining site. Best to you, girl, and am so happy to see you writing. Awaiting the birth of your "baby."

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