Monday, July 23, 2007

What's the buzz?

How do you find out about new titles? That's the million-dollar question authors always ask: What's the best way to reach readers?

As a reader, word of mouth always works for me. I belong to two terrific online readers groups, RAW4ALL and Romance Noir. Members of these groups are voracious readers who provide helpful critiques of new and new-to-me books. From these groups, I've learned of titles such as One Dead Preacher by Tony Lindsay and Dirty Laundry by Paula Woods, which is part of her Charlotte Justice series.

My sister also is a voracious reader. Over the years, she's recommended several authors to me, including Barbara Neely, Walter Mosley and Beverly Jenkins.

I learned about Angela Henry, Pamela Samuels-Young and Gammy Singer through Angela's MystNoir Web site, If you haven't stopped by, you should. This award-winning site includes a list of new releases, book reviews and, my personal favorite feature, a bibliography of authors and their sleuths.

So, how do you learn about new releases and what authors can you recommend?



Gwyneth Bolton said...

I hear about new titles from various list-serves and groups that I belong to like Romance Noir. I also go hunting an various websites like Romance in Color, RAWSISTAS, APOOO, etc. I subscribe to Black Issues Book Review and find out that way. And then there is good old word of mouth. I learn about a lot of new titles from my sister and my friends. And I of course tell them about all my favorites.


Angela Henry said...

Since I work in a library, I get a lot of my reading recommendations from Library Journal, Booklist, and Publishers Weekly. Plus, I subscribe to Book Matters Magazine and Black Issues Book Review. I also hear about titles by word of mouth and through MySpace.


Nine to Five Diva said...

There are two resources that help me locate new titles. The first is through various online entities (yay RAW and Mystnoir!). The other is good old fashioned book browsing at the local bookstore. I am like a female version of Sherlock Holmes when it comes to finding an interesting book.

BTW, great topic Patricia.


patricia sargeant said...

Hi, Gwyneth! Thanks so much for stopping by. I apologize for the late response. Having some Internet issues. Black Issues Book Review is a great magazine for book lovers.

Hi, Angela. Thanks for posting. You do have a great "in" with the library. :)

Hi, Charlotte. Thank you for visiting us and for the compliment on the topic. I love the fact that you mentioned just browsing the shelves.

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