Monday, July 30, 2007


Where do you get your story ideas? It's always interesting to find out where authors get their ideas. What inspired them to write a particular book.

I know several mystery and suspense writers get their ideas from newspaper articles. Actually, Court TV's Murder by the Book is about true crimes that have inspired mystery writers such as Michael Connelly.

A dear friend, Jamie Denton, wrote a romantic suspense inspired by the Georgia crematorium scandal in which the owner took money for cremations but instead tossed the dead bodies behind his building. Jamie's book is The Matchmaker. Read it with the lights on.

Angela Henry's The Company You Keep was inspired by a news story. And the Sago mine tragedy and Congressional scandals inspired my September release, On Fire.

So, where do your ideas come from?



bettye griffin said...

Talk about ripped from the headlines! My ideas also come from news stories, usually the human interest kind. Just had another idea today, as a matter of fact!

Bettye Griffin

patricia sargeant said...

Hi, Bettye. Thanks for stopping by and posting a comment. Good luck with your latest idea.

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