Thursday, July 12, 2007

Today the Crime Sistahs welcome guest blogger Charlotte Morris!

Charlotte Morris is the Creative Director of CS Designs, a Northern California based Web Design Company. She is currently working on her first novel and with her remaining two and a half minutes of free time, she tries to enjoy life to its fullest.

Everything you never wanted to know about a mystery fan but were afraid to ask!

Okay, here’s the skinny – I am an unapologetic mystery fan. There, I said it. Yes it’s true, and no, I am not ashamed of the way I have chosen to live my life. I know, I know, you are asking yourself – how did this happen to such an enchanting person (at least I hope that’s what you are saying). Anyway, the truth is my fondness for mysteries started at a very young age. And I suppose like all mystery fans the memory of my first experience (with a mystery book silly) is still fresh in my mind. It was with a lively fictional character named Encyclopedia Brown. And yes, even at the tender age of eight, the young Mr. Brown rocked my world. But alas my time with Encyclopedia was destined to end, and by no coincidence it was when I reached “the end” of his first book. Nonetheless I am happy to report that I rebounded nicely.

It is now ‘x’ number of years later, and you know what, I am still gaga about mysteries. What can I say? It’s a personal preference. Sort of like someone who prefers French fries instead of a baked potato. Now I am not knocking any other literary genres, or any baked potato fans for that matter, but I know what I like. But in case you were wondering, yes, I have occasionally strayed and purchased a sultry romance or (gasp) a little urban fiction too. However, outside of those rare moments of weakness, I have managed to remain true to my mysteries. I just adore all the intrigue, and the not knowing what’s going to happen from one minute to the next, and especially the thrill of trying to solve each mystery on my own. So in closing I want to say thank you Angela, Gammy, Pamela and Patricia for indulging fans like me who have got it bad because what you write is so-o-o-o good.

By Charlotte Morris


Hi, I'm Dee said...

Hey, Charlotte. Thanks for directing RAWSISTAS over to your guestblogging this morning.

This is my first time at The Crime Sistahs and I'm excited!!

Loved Encyclopedia Brown, too:)

I am currently writing a mystery in the christian fiction genre. So I am so delighted to find a place where other women mystery writers are.

I'm a huge fan and supporter of my friends, Glenville Lovell and Claudia Burney.Love Walter Mosley and have been looking for some good mysteries written by women. I review for Romantic Times and am a book awards judge for national book critic association.

Thanks, Charlotte for directing me here. Thanks, ladies for starting this blog.

Nine to Five Diva said...

Hi Dee,

Yay! Another Encyclopedia Brown fan. Dee, make sure you keep me (and the rest of the RAW family)updated on the status of your book.

BTW, I am a fan of Claudia Burney's work as well. I occassionally read her blog too. Also one of Glenville's older works (Love and Death in Brooklyn) is on my summer reading list.


Gwyneth Bolton said...

Hi Charlotte,

I was a huge Encyclopedia Brown fan! Now I'm a huge Blanche White, Grace Edwards, Tamara Hayle... well let's just say I have a fondness for sista sleuths. I'm hooked on too many series with black women PIs, amatuer slueths and police detectives to name... And I have several new authors on my to-be-read pile. Great post! I love mysteries even though I don't write them.


patricia sargeant said...

Hi, Charlotte. Thank you for being a guest blogger on the Crime Sistahs Blog. And thank you for the kind words about our books. Could you tell us a bit about your work in progress?

Hi, Gwyneth! Thank you for stopping by the Crime Sistahs Blog. It sounds as though your Hightower Honors series might have a bit of mystery in it. Am I mistaken?

Nine to Five Diva said...

Hi Gwyneth,

Thanks so much for chiming in on the subject. The Tamara Hayle character is an icon as far as I am concerned. I had a chance to meet the author of the series a few years ago and I hope she (Valerie Wison Wesley) decides to revive the series somewhere down the line.

Hi Patricia,

It is such a treat to be a guest blogger on this site. I have been a fan since The Crime Sistahs went online. My work in progress is about a savvy female entrepreneur who is desperately trying to attract media attention for her cosmetics company. Then virtually overnight the company becomes the talk of the town. But that's not good news for my lead character because she discovers that it is due to the fact that one of her products is being used in a string of attacks against some very prominent men.

Angela Henry said...


Hey! Your book sounds great and if it's half as entertaining as your post, then you'll have a hit on your hands ; ).


Nine to Five Diva said...

Thanks Angela. I have got to make trailblazers like yourself proud.


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