Sunday, March 11, 2007

All Stuffed Up!

I've joined the ranks of the sick and contagious. I have a nasty head cold, which I strongly suspect has turned into a sinus infection ; (. I made the mistake of using Afrin nasal spray to unplug my congestion. Oh, it worked wonderfully the first two times I used it, after that it was pretty much useless. Plus, it dried out my sinuses and ultimately made my congestion worse. Something they call rebound congestion. Seems you aren't supposed to use the stuff for more than three days(I didn't because it stopped working) because it makes congestion worse causing you to become addicted to the stuff. I had no idea there were people in this world strung out on nasal spray. How sad is that?

Haven't slept all weekend, which is why I'm up blogging at 6:45 on a Sunday morning. Going to try and get to the doctor tomorrow, or urgent care today if I still can't get any relief. In the meantime, click here for a call for short story submissions for a proposed mystery anthology. Sounds like it should be a winner. I get the impression they are only looking for submissions from published authors. But, contact R. Barri Flowers just to make sure. Also, the excerpt of Diva's Last Curtain Call is now posted on my website. Well, I'm off to take a steamy hot bath to open up my head. And if you're not sick, try hard to stay that way because this is no fun at all!



Regina Harvey said...

Feel better! My son's home with a cold right now and I'm trying to pretend my own sniffle isn't going to blossom into anything bigger. Lots of warm tea, that's the key.

Ms. Monkeythong said...

Feel better soon!

Looking forward to Cara Black's new one. I'm first on the rserve list! I consulted the database "What to Read Next" on books like her's and they recommended Jake Lamar. Have you read him? What do you think of him if you have?

Angela Henry said...

Hey, Regina!

I do feel much better. Thank you! Not quite 100%. But getting there. I can now breath through my nose again, which is always nice. And yes, lots of hot tea(peppermint) does help, as does Advil Cold and Sinus ; ).

Hey, Ms. Monkeythong!

I love Jake Lamar! He's written several books. But my favorites are his mysteries set in Paris' black expat community. Good stuff. I think you'll enjoy! Can't wait for the new Cara Black myself. Hopefully, one day I'll get to actually go to Paris instead of reading about it ; ).

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