Monday, March 26, 2007

Readers & Authors Wanted

Charity over at the dee&Dee blog is writing an essay about the back cover copy of books. She wants to take a closer look at how it's written, who writes it, how the authors feel about it, and how readers view it. She's looking for readers and authors to answers a few questions. The questions are painless and she won't use your name without permission. If you'd like to participate, contact her at:

I joined Crimespace over the weekend. Crimespace is like MySpace but for readers and writers of crime fiction. Crimespace started up a few weeks ago, has about 300 members, and is growing. I found it very easy to set up a page.

I recently discovered another new site called Habitual Reader. Habitual Reader is an online fiction book club that features reader profiles, book reviews, and favorite community bookstores. There is also a section for authors to list thier own books and books they are reading.



Charlotte Cook said...

Hi, Angela,
Thanks for the pitch for the Habitual Reader. I'd love to see you all on our site ... and not just in the "Shameless Self-Promotion." My favorite is "My Mom Says," though most authors who post a profile and reviews on other books find that those postings produce far more attention to their own writings. The bottomline is to increase the discussion of fiction. My experience of mystery writers has shown me that these are some of the most well-read readers out there. So please show off your books and your reading habits.

Thank you.
Charlotte Cook

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