Monday, February 26, 2007


There are a lot new informative writing, publishing, and PR blogs that I've discovered recently.

Editor/Author Anita Diggs has started THE BOOK EDITOR'S BLOG which gives advice and tips on writing a novel and getting an agent, as well as giving a glimpse of what goes on in the office of a real editor. ( Link courtesy of MJ King)

Bestselling romance author Monica Jackson is setting romance aside to write mysteries under the name MJ King. Her first book is the forthcoming DEAD MAN'S HAND, which will introduce poker playing Samantha Saylor. I hope to interview MJ for the Crime Sistah's blog.

Author MBA is a website and blog full of resources for authors. They offer online workshops on writing and promotion as well as free articles and resources.

Boom PR for writers is a great new blog by pr coach Louis Knott Ahern.

Lastly, I jumped the gun when I posted the cover for DIVA'S LAST CURTAIN CALL. The cover has been redesigned with the same cover model as TANGLED ROOTS. I must say I like this cover much better. What do you think?


Dee Savoy said...

Hey Angela,

Thanks for the heads-up about the blogs. I do like the second cover much better.

Angela Henry said...

Thanks, Dee! I'm glad they redid it, too ; ).

patricia sargeant said...

Hi, Angela.

I like the second cover much better, too. And thank you for the list of PR Web blogs. I've read Author MBA often and have gotten some great information from that site and the interviews they post. I'll have to check out the other sites, too. Best wishes for continued success! Patricia

Angela Henry said...

Thanks, Patricia! We authors need all the help we can get when it comes to book promotion. LOL!

MJ said...

Luuuurve the cover! Thanks much for the link too. I'm going to get to posting daily again. Been under the weather in more ways than one for the last few weeks. Hope you're feeling better too.

Methinks I need to move you to my mystery links. Are you going to the mystery conferences? (potential roomie radar)

Angela Henry said...


Hey! Are you feeling any better? I'm sick with a cold right now : (. I wasn't planning to go to any mystery conventions this year. But I may go to the American Libary Association's Annual conference in DC. Haven't decided yet. Right now my main concern is getting my sinuses cleared. Have you joined Sisters In Crime yet? You should if you haven't already. I Hope you feel better soon ; ).

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