Monday, May 01, 2006

Checking in With an Opinion

Re: the plagiarism. The similarities are too plentiful for unconscious similarities. The woman is obviously talented. Why risk a bright future with plagiarism? Is this the result of a premiere education at an Ivy League school? What values are being fostered? Success at any cost? The residual effect will be costly to many people. A shame.

Malice Domestic was great. Met a lot of authors and hopefully, encouraged readers to read my books and garnered some fans. Was treated royally by all. I'd do it again in a NY minute. I served on a panel, I Walk the Line--talking about violence in novels. Yes, I have a wee bit in my present novel, Down and Dirty: Another Landlord's Tale, but the devil made me do it. No, actually, the antagonists are some bad mammer-jammers, so I had to come up with something despicable to lend credulity to the book and the circumstances within the book. As Tess Gerritsen said, (she writes medical thrillers)--I inserted the "eeyu" factor--something gross that makes you go, "eeyu."

Ciao for now.


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