Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Angela Henry

Saturday I got a letter in the mail from AARP informing me that I hadn't signed up for my AARP benefits. I think it was really nice of them to remind me, don't you? However, as far as I know, AARP stands for American Association of Retired Persons and you have to be 50 years old to qualify for AARP benefits. I'M ONLY 39!!!!! Yes, I'll be 40 soon enough, July 25th to be exact. But I'm not planning to leapfrog over my forties to get to those precious AARP benefits, as wonderful as they must be. I'm sure they're a fine organization but they'll just have to wait for me. And if I get a letter anytime soon from these folks I'm going to scream.

Thursday is the official release date for TANGLED ROOTS!! But it's available now on all the online bookstores. Got another great review from CrimeSpree magazine. I won't post the whole thing but here's the best part:

"Smart, witty, and fast-paced this second Kendra Clayton novel is as likeable as the first."

Now, the big question is: Will readers like it?



Greeneyedrican said...

There's no room for a question like that...They will love It!!Your pen is amazing .
I have just begun reading your book. Very Good!!! I'll post my review when I finish!!!!
(I usually don't read while I am writing but soon as I picked it up I couldn't put it back down.)

BTW. Congrats on number two!!

Angela Henry said...

Thank you! I never get tired of hearing that ; ).

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