Saturday, May 06, 2006

4 Star Ebony Friends
Angela Henry

Every time I sat down this past week to blog I got sidetracked by one thing or another. But I'm back now ; ). I got my first review for Tangled Roots and it was a great one! Romantic Times Magazine reviewed it in thier June issue. It was a 4 star review, which is wonderful considering they only rated my first book, The Company You Keep, 3 stars. So, I guess either my writing has improved or the plot of this book is more appealing, who knows. I'm not complaining. Tangled Roots also got a small write up in the bookshelf column of Ebony magazine's June issue, though I was a little disappointed they didn't feature the cover. But I guess I can't complain too much cause at least they spelled my name right.

Well, I finally bit the bullet and set up a page on MySpace. It's nothing fancy but I've got some cool music. The one thing that's cracking me up is that since setting up my page yesterday, I've gotten several emails from men wanting to "chat" and "get to know each other better". I definately didn't set up a page because I was looking for romance or friends with benefits. I just wanted to connect with book lovers and other writers. Boy, isn't that always the way. When I'm looking I can't find anyone and when I'm not looking there they are. Go figure!

Seem the publishing industry is still willing to hand out hefty book advances. I thought giving a 17 year old a half million dollar advance was excessive. But this is just mind-blowing.

According to this report, erotica is really taking off. Maybe I should consider a genre change.


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