Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Way Back: Blog #4, Re-package, They Call It!
by Gammy L. Singer

Finally got feedback from my agent regarding concerns shared with him about the fact that mystery writers are being dropped by publishers of African-American fiction.

Yes, the above was confirmed by conversations with the editors at Kensington and Grand Central and “some other editors.” (Not sure who the some others are, or if there even are “some others.” (I always had the feeling that my last manuscript was marketed solely to those two houses.) The exception to the trend seems to be Perseus and Clive Ford. Unidentified sources say: “In the past couple of years, that niche was not selling.”

However, I was told, non-African-American editors were solicited and if I “re-package” myself—i.e, write “white characters,” they might consider taking on my work under a pseudonym if I am a “proven writer.” Kiss mah grits. What about James @$&#*!! Patterson and his black protagonist? The mystery writing sisters, P.J. Parrish, who also have a black protagonist? At Kensington, I do believe. Under their mystery line. Oh-oh-oh, and let's not forget Alexander McCall and his loveable African sleuth! And I can't write an African-American protagonist--like the comics say--because I'm black!!

Sisters, does that mean the Crime Sistahs Blog is obsolete? That we are obsolete?

Let me go sit on the toilet and think.

What are your thoughts?

The End.


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