Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day & Other News!

Today is history in the making as Barack Obama is sworn in as the 44th president of the United States! I'm currently at work but we're having a party here today and will be glued to the TV screen with the rest of the world.

Today is also day two of the auction for author Sharon Cullars. I've donated a Kimani Press messenger bag with autographed copies of all three of my books as well as other goodies. I'm not sure how much longer my books will be in print. So, if you'd like to read the series, or know someone who might, click here to make a bid. It would make a great Valentine's Day gift for the reader in your life and it's for a great cause ; ).

Check out this article about black film makers. They seem to be suffering from the same issues black authors are in trying to break out of the niche to mainstream audiences.

Speaking of movies, I always love to see black authors books being optioned for TV and the big screen. Here is the latest book by a black author to hit the jackpot.

And I can't wait to read this book this summer.



Rhonda McKnight said...

Black Water Rising does look good. It'll be interesting to see if the Emperor of Ocean Park comes to the screen.

angela henry said...

Hi, Rhonda. I'm pretty sure movie rights to the Emperor of Ocean Park were sold. But since the majority of books optioned by Hollywood never get made into movies, I won't hold my breath.

CS Designs said...

Hi Angela,

Thanks for the heads up on Black Water Rising. It definitely sounds interesting, so I'll keep my eye out for it. Also to piggyback on Rhonda's comment about The Emperor of Ocean Park, I hope it makes it to the screen too. It's one of those novels that may really come to life on screen.

~ Charlotte

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