Friday, September 19, 2008

The Other Call

I know. I know. I've been seriously shirking my blogging duties. I didn't mean to disappear. I had a really good excuse. I've been writing my hiney off working on two books. Or at least I was, until I got a call last Friday that changed everything. It was the call the every author dreads. While I was rushing to finish book five in my Kendra Clayton series, my agent called to inform me that my publisher, Kimani Press, has decided not to publish my next book, which was scheduled for a 2009 release. The official reason given was that they're moving in a different direction towards edgier, sexier books. My little small town murder mysteries don't fit in with this new direction and apparently weren't cutting the mustard sale wise, either.

Honestly, I saw this coming a mile away. Back when I was first told my fourth book was being postponed I had a sinking feeling something was up. If you follow the publishing world as closely as I do, you learn that postponed usually ends up meaning cancelled. But I remained hopeful and kept writing. As for what will happen with my series I can't say anything for certain except that Kimani Press is out of the picture. Whether I can find a new publisher for the series remains to be seen since I've heard it's really hard to find a new publisher for an existing series. But I remain hopeful. I'll keep you posted ; ).

Have a great weekend!



Yasmin said...

Oh Angela I'm so sorry to hear this esp. since I like/enjoy the series. I guess there aren't enough mes who do...sigh. I hope that you will get another I don't want to see the character 'killed off' yet. :(

angela henry said...

Thanks Yasmin! I really appreciate the kind words. Kendra's not dead yet. One way or another I will get the next book out.

patricia sargeant said...

Oh, Angela! I'm so sorry. Even though I know it's only a temporary set back, it's still so upsetting to hear. I love your upbeat attitude. Best wishes for finding Kendra another, even better home.

angela henry said...

Thanks, Patricia! It was upsetting at first but I realize this is for the best : ).

Rhonda McKnight said...

Oh Angela,

I'm so sorry. I think you have a dear friend who experienced the same thing with them. I won't mention the name, but she told me they told her the same thing when they dropped her last year. I love the books and I just don't understand why these publishers think all we want to read are edgy, drama filled sexy books. Some of us do enjoy "grown-up" entertainment. So sorry. I'll be praying Kendra finds a new home. Glad to hear you're not giving up on her.

angela henry said...


Thank you! And I think I know who you're referring to. Unfortunately, publishing is a business and publishers publish the types of books that are selling and edgy and sexy is what's selling. So, they say ; ).

Rhonda McKnight said...

Yes, Angela, I agree it's a business, but I think the profitability of certain products is underestimated. The marketing folks believe all the AA community wants to read is sexy, edgy, drama filled books, so they put all their marketing dollars into those books, hence they sell. It's a catch-22. People can't buy what they don't know exist, especially when the book also doesn't have shelf space, so it's not like buyers can stumble upon it in the store. Ho Hum... as the publishing world turns.

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