Sunday, September 14, 2008

Coming back

I'm sorry I've been missing in action for the past two weeks. That wasn't my intention at all.

The draft for my contemporary romance, Sweet Deception, was due to my editor Labor Day, Sept. 1, 2008. I made my deadline with five minutes to spare. But that rush to the end gave me a tension headache and eye strain. Or maybe the headache was a byproduct of the eye strain.

I thought a nap would help me feel better. I'd planned to start my next two projects - a romantic suspense proposal and the proposal for my second contemporary - after the nap. Silly me. I needed a lot more than just a nap.

Have you ever been completely wiped out after completing your manuscript? I felt as though my nerve endings had been fried. Although I was really tired after the long days of heavy revisions, I felt edgy and restless the entire week. Does that sound familiar?

Some people say they're depressed after completing their manuscript because it's hard to leave their characters. I don't feel that way. I'm excited to have told my characters' story. I love this book, and I really hope my editor does, too. But now I'm ready to move on to the next project. I feel as though I'm finally coming back to myself.

How do you feel after completing your manuscripts, and how do you celebrate your accomplishment?



Yasmin said...

Hey careful and take care of yourself...I guess I'm overly concerned right now...have two friends with high blood pressure...both were recently is struggling had a massive heart attack and is on life okay I'm rambling...just take care of yourself and listen to your body!

Rhonda McKnight said...

Hey Patricia,

You and I had the same deadline and yes it was quite harrowing. It was my first time pushing send so I was a total headcase about it. I did take a few days to relax before develing into my next project.

You take care of yourself.

CS Designs said...

Hi Patricia,

Congrats on finishing your manuscript. Keep us updated on it and take care of yourself.

~ Charlotte

patricia sargeant said...

Yasmin, that is such a wonderfully kind and beautiful thing to say. I appreciate it so much. You weren't rambling, and I know you're right. I have to be careful. We all do. Heart disease is the number one killer of women, especially African American women. Thank you so much for caring. Huge hugs!

patricia sargeant said...

Rhonda, congratulations on making your deadline! Isn't it funny that we were both headcases at the same time? :) Best wishes for continued writing success!

patricia sargeant said...

Charlotte, thank you so much for your cheers. I really appreciate them. It will be my pleasure to do both, keep you updated and take care of myself. I hope you do the same. Hugs!

patricia sargeant said...

Yasmin, Rhonda and Charlotte, thank you again for your kind words and for caring. I hope you all take very good care of yourselves, too! :)

Yasmin said...

Thanks Pat for understanding.

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