Thursday, June 12, 2008

Summer Reading List

It’s that time of the year again. Everyone is releasing summer reading lists. I usually look forward to checking out the recommended books to get new ideas for my TBR pile. But I’m always disappointed in the lack of diversity most of these lists offer. So here is what I’m interested in reading this summer.

My Best Friend’s Girl By Dorothy Koomson
Koomson has written an enchanting tale of life's most unpredictable loves and heartaches, and the improbable bond between a single woman and an extraordinary five-year-old girl.

Sepulchre By Kate Moss
Following on her bestselling novel "Labyrinth," Mosse pens another haunting tale of double crosses, murder, and the occult set in both 19th- and 20th-century France. 

Don’t Ever Tell By Brandon Massey
From an award-winning author comes a bone-chilling new thriller about a ruthless murderer who will do anything to get back what belongs to him.

Orange Mint and Honey By Carleen Brice
This haunting, exquisitely written story about mothers and daughters and the power of healing and forgiveness marks the stunning debut of a new novelist.

Blood Colony By Tananarive Due
There's a new drug on the street: Glow. Said to heal almost any illness, its main ingredient is blood--the blood of immortals. A small but powerful underground railroad of immortals is distributing the blood, slowly wiping out the AIDS epidemic.

Fearless Fourteen By Janet Evanovich
A latest installment in the popular Stephanie Plum series places the irrepressible bounty hunter and her motley companions--including Grandma Mazur, vice captain Joe Morelli, and Bob the Dog--in a new adventure involving the Burg's premier funeral home and a family pot roast.

The Exorsistah By Claudia Mair Burney
The author of the Amanda Bell Brown mystery series makes her teen fiction debut with this smart, sassy, and fun new series about a young girl who must simultaneously battle the ups and downs of being a teenager, while fighting the forces of darkness.

The Spiritualist By Megan Chance
Acclaimed author Chance weaves together a tale of murder and intrigue, class and the occult, as one woman's search for a killer reveals that truth may be the greatest illusion of all.

Whiskey Road By Karen Siplin
This passionate and edgy love story asks the question: Where does a black woman born and raised in the big city go when she wants to escape, and what happens when she gets there?

Murder on the Down Low By Pamela Samuels-Young
Savvy L.A. attorney Vernetta Henderson takes center stage in another fast-paced legal thriller that erupts into a scandalous tale of vengeance.

So what's everybody else excited about reading reading this summer?



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