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For those of you just joining us, for the past ten weeks we’ve been talking about going from idea to realizing your dream of having your book published. For the past two weeks we’ve been discussing the all important promotion and publicity campaign for your book. Publicity and promotion is as important as writing your book, because if no one knows about it, all of your hard work has been for nothing.

This week we’ll wrap up everything that we’ve been discussing. In short, these are the key points that I hope that you’ve come away with:

  1. WRITE SOMETHING EVERY DAY: Once you’ve come up with the idea for your book the most important thing is to write something every day. Even if it’s one page, at the end of the year you’ll have 365 pages and at least a rough draft of your book.

  1. PERSIST, PERSIST, PERSIST: No matter how long it takes, don’t get discouraged by the inevitable rejections that you’ll get when you start sending your book out to agents and then ultimately when they (or you) start sending it out to publishers. The majority of best selling authors faced years of rejection before they hit it big, so don’t despair, because you’re in good company!

  1. STAY TRUE TO YOUR VISION: When you do get that big break and a publisher agrees to publish your book, stay true to your own vision of your book when working with the editors and while most of their comments are probably helpful, if there’s something that you feel will fundamentally alter the vision of your book, don’t be afraid to say no. Remember, it’s your name going on the cover and you want to make sure that the finished product reflects something that you can be proud of.

  1. BE YOUR OWN BEST PUBLICIST: Promote your book online, through book clubs, signings, word of mouth, cards, contests and awards, in short with everyone and every where you go. In order to sell, people have to know about your book and at the end of the day you need to take responsibility for making that happen.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this blog and most importantly I hope that you’ve taken something away that will be helpful in realizing your dream. If you would like more information on my novel A DEAD MAN SPEAKS, check out my website: or you can email me at



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