Thursday, January 03, 2008

Sundays with Gammy on Friday

Hello, Everybody,
Just moved into my new home near the Catskill Mountains and I'm loving it! Sitting amongst boxes, and boxes, and boxes. I've been computer (and Time-Warner) challenged for a coupla' weeks, and am just now getting everything somewhat settled and working. My blog-comeback was to start Sundays in January--and because I'll be out of town on Sunday--I'm writing thoughts down today--better early than never?!

One of my passions is films. I look to see what's au courant, what's selling, and try to check out and analyze the "concept-driven" movies. Hey, I'm really serious about my intention of getting my books to film, and thus am certainly influenced by this medium.

Films I've seen lately that have made me flip--backwards! Ghoulish, gruesome, arty and disgusting. Sweeney Tood: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Sorry, I couldn't take it. Too much blood and gore--and premiering through the holiday season?! Peace on earth, good will to men, and guv'nor, your slit necks on the side? Ugh.

Next on my list of do-not-recommend movies is: No Country for Old Men. It stops, for god's sakes. It doesn't end--it stops! Unforgiveable. Yes, okay, Javier Bardem is absolutely juicy and vicious and villainous, a great performance, but the plot crumbles badly two-thirds of the way through, and if you listen and look carefully, inconsistencies pop up all over the place and it dissembles rapidly. Some terrific actors in the movie, however. Interesting performances to watch--in spite of the Cohen brothers mangling the end.

Ah yes, and the heartwarming, awe-inspiring movie that I loved--The Great Debaters. Denzel is in great form and you get a piece of history you don't want to miss. It tells of a time when black pride was vested heavily in education and intellectualism revered. As I watched it, it reminded me how our people have always been great speakers and preachers. All of this silver-tongued oratory paved the way for the rappers today, believe it or not. I'll bet black youth today don't even know who James Farmer was, didn't realize his contribution to the civil rights movement. For me, his was the more important story, even though Tolson (played by Denzel) was the focus of this film.

And ba-a-a-by, Jurnee Smollet is all grown up and smokin' in her role as one of the debaters--that slap she gave Jermain Williams resonated round the world. That was no stage slap. That was FOR REAL! Whoa., baby. And another historical fact resonated. Black women were out there TCB, challenging men and giving them a run for their money long before the feminists could get a band wagon together. All together, a feel-good movie for blacks and whites alike. Kudos to the writer, Robert Eisele.

Next up, I'm looking forward to Will's Smith new feature, I AM LEGEND. I'm trying to get to Will Smith for a project. Anybody know somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody?

That's all for now. What about you? Seen any movies lately?

Gammy L. Singer


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