Tuesday, December 18, 2007

In The News

Lots of interesting book and author stuff in the news lately. Check it out!

Goodbye Easy. Hello Leonid?

Author Walter Mosley inks a deal with Riverhead for new mystery series featuring Leonid McGill, an African-American private investigator in New York ( first introduced in his short story Karma).

Essence Literary Awards/Library Campaign

Essence Magazine will honor African-American writers and help public libraries by launching two overlapping initiatives this winter: the Essence Literary Awards and the Save Our Libraries campaign.

Buyers Aware: Inside the Black Book Market

In Publishers Weekly, author Felicia Pride talks to seven book buyers about African-American book buying.

The Brown Bookshelf

5 authors and illustrators have joined together to form The Brown Bookshelf to highlight the best voices in African-American children’s literature.

Life Imitates Art

Remember the Shawshank Redemption? Well, these guys obviously do.

Have a great Holiday!



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