Monday, December 17, 2007

Are we there yet?

Last week, I mentioned I was waiting for my editor's feedback on my second contemporary romance synopsis. The first one had been rejected, even after the revision.

I received my editor's feedback mid-week, and she requested revisions for this second synopsis.

Now I won't lie. I'm a little frustrated because I'm not moving forward. (Hey, I'm human.) This journey is taking longer than I anticipated. I hear the question, "Are we there yet?" playing in my mind. However, I also realize, succumbing to frustration isn't going to get the story accepted or the book written.

My editor listed the elements she wanted me to add. When I got home from my day job, I took a closer look at my synopsis and was dismayed to realize the elements my editor requested - subplots and secondary characters - were already in the synopsis. I obviously hadn't brought out those points well enough. In a way, this was a relief. I didn't have to reconstruct the story; I just needed to flesh it out. A much easier fix.

The lesson I learned from this experience is try to remember your editor isn't in your head. Give as much detail regarding plots, subplots, secondary characters, etc., as possible. I'll remember this lesson as I work on my romantic suspense trilogy.



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