Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Hello 2007!

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a happy holiday season. To be honest, I had a really hard time getting into the holiday spirit. But, by the time Christmas rolled around I was feeling very festive. Looking back on 2006 I have to say that I'm pleased with the way things are going in my writing career. I can't say the same for my love life but I guess I can't have everything, or more to the point, everyone I want. Oh well, I'm happy to have signed a new contract for more books in my series and I'm FINALLY reaping some profits from my writing. Translation: I got my first royalty check! Talk about a Christmas present I truly was not expecting to get. But, even though I'm pleased with the way things are going so far doesn't mean I can't wish for some improvements.

My goal for 2007 is simple. I want to double my readership, which of course means I'm going to have to do lots and lots of promotion. Those of you in the book business know that book promotion is just a shot in the dark. No one seems to really know what works. I know word of mouth is essential but how does one generate that almighty BUZZ? Another goal of mine is to finish the standalone thriller I was working on before I got the greenlight for more Kendra books. I've got about four chapters of that book done and would really like to finish it. It's completely different from my series with multiple plotlines, points of view, and a more multicultural cast of characters.

My last major goal for 2007 is to raise my profile in the mystery writing world. A lot of people who read and write mysteries think that Walter Mosley is the only black person who writes mysteries. There may not be a ton of black mystery writers, and our books are mainly marketed to black readers, but our numbers are growing and we need to make our voices heard, which is why I'll be participating in the revived Authors of Color Chapter of the Sisters in Crime organization. As for what else is in store for me in 2007, I guess only time will tell. It's a mystery what the future holds and you all know how I love a good mystery ; ).

PS: Diva's Last Curtain Call won't be out until June 1st but it's already available for pre-order on Amazon as well as the mass market paperback version of Tangled Roots!



Persia Walker said...
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Persia Walker said...

I agree that Walter Mosley is seen as the only black person who writes mysteries. Part of the problem is the bland disinterest to outright skepticism shown by publishers and the system of literary apartheid practiced by some bookstores. But a good portion of the problem IMHO rests with black authors ourselves. When I attend a Bouchercon or Edgar Awards banquet, I rarely ever see another black author. I might see Gammy or Frankie Bailey, but that's it. If we authors "of color" want larger audiences, then we have to get out there and reach out to the mainstream, just like the non-black authors do

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