Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Hello! Hope you all are having a great new year so far ; ). As I mentioned in a previous post, I'm plugging away at book #4 and planning promo for book #3, DIVA'S LAST CURTAIN CALL. In planning promo for my third book, I've been noticing all of the new avenues that are popping up for black authors to promote books. Our books don't seem to get the review coverage or attention in mainstream media that other authors are getting. So, I'm especially pleased to see the following new opportunities available highlighting black books and authors.

Blacks and Books-a monthly insert focusing on books by or of interest to readers of African descent. The insert will appear in The Baltimore Times, The New York Amsterdam News, The Philadelphia Tribune and several others.

Literary Living-is a new show on the Black Family Channel. The show targets the African American book buying market. The half-hour program will take viewers on a journey through the offices and streets of New York City; will introduce some of today’s greatest publishers, authors, writers and poets.

More Than Words- is the official Books Blog for AOL Black Voices. Each week BV features a new author interview in the Books Channel, along with an excerpt from the book and five facts about the author. All interviews are done by BV's Ken Gibbs Jr.

Written-is a bimonthly black lifestyle supplement which debuted in early 2006, is aimed at a consumer market of middle-class African-Americans and reaches nearly 60,000 readers through African-American newspaper distribution.

If you're an author, I hope you can take advantage of some of these opportunites to promote your books. If you're a reader, you should be able to discover some great new authors!



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