Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Let The Music Play!

The other night my best friend Renee was telling to me about an article she read describing Oprah and Gayle's recent road trip across the country. Seems she was tickled by something she and I have in common with the divine Ms. O and her best bud Gayle King. And, no, it's not the fortune, fame, and rumors of lesbianism, though that first one would be most welcome. Renee was tickled by the fact that Gayle apparently can't be in the car for more than a few minutes without having music playing while Oprah would rather talk. That's Renee and me to a tee. Having been best friends for twenty plus years we've been on more than our share of road trips. I NEED music and she'd rather TALK, which I have no problem with, as long as there is MUSIC! Renee claims that I as soon as my ass hits the seat my fingers are fumbling for the dial to the radio. She's right. Why deny it. I told her that music is the soundtrack of life and she replied, “When I’m driving I don’t need Sade in the background when I’m trying find an address or figuring out which way to turn.” Okay, I understand this, kind of. Whatever floats your boat, sister. Just be glad I'm not singing to the music as well.

Actually, I do understand how she feels, though I didn’t tell her so. To be honest, I don't listen to too much music when I'm writing because I find it too distracting. However, I'm constantly thinking about music when I write. When I'm writing certain scenes I think about what music would be playing in the background. With the exception of my third book, which has tons of movie references, all my books have references to songs in them. In fact, the one thing my character Kendra Clayton and I have in common is our love of music preferably classic soul and seventies funk. My series is set in the nineties. So you won't find any references to any current songs in my books and not even many songs from the nineties. I like it that way because it serves two purposes. (1) I don't have to do any research on what songs were popular in the 90's and (2) By using old song references it makes the time period in my books a little ambiguous, which for some strange reason appeals to me. I can't imagine life without music and often wonder if the absence of music would affect my writing. I hope I never have to find out.



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