Sunday, October 22, 2006

Hey, Guys,
Got this email and thought I'd pass it on. FYI

"Greetings -
I am working on the 2007 literary events calendar for Black Issues Book Review magazine. If you're receiving this message, you likely provided information for an event in past years. Please respond with the details for your 2007 event or direct me to the current contact person.

We are looking primarily for events that have a literary focus or a major literary component.

If you are an author, please send me any events you've been invited to as a speaker or presenter (festivals, conferences, workshops). Even if you don't have all of the details, you may know of events that we have not included in the past - I can follow up with the organizers.

Feel free to forward this message widely to other event organizers and authors.

Include "BIBR" in your subject line and please do not send events that occur in 2006 - the calendar will be published in January 2007 and will include events from Jan. - Dec. 2007.

Festival name and theme:Location - city and venue:Date:Brief (50 words) description and highlights (major authors, key literary elements):Web site and email address: Phone number: Ticket price or price range:

Please email the information to: by October 13, 2006.

Thank you.

Bernadette Adams

If this is something you'd like to do, please tell the world about your schedule. Pamela Samuels-Young is also trolling for members to join Authors of Color, a part of Sisters in Crime. The purpose of the sub-group is to address concerns particular to, you got it, authors of color.

I didn't make any comments re: Bouchercon, except to say that there was a mere trinkle of black folks or, authors of any other color than the non-color, white. Lots and lots of mystery authors, however, and fans, of course.

I have to say I'm still upset re: the non-response from Sisters in Crime re: their promo help via grants for author appearances at book stores. I say we try to use EVERY MEANS AVAILABLE to promote our books. And in truth, black bookstores are in dire need of assistance PERIOD. Promotional monies would help everybody. Sisters in Crime National didn't make the process easy, and although I sent an email to the board re: same, have not heard back since.

Next on my agenda is a mystery convention in Boise, Idaho, Murder in the Grove. The group invites their authors and you don't have to pay a conference fee and in some cases, the group pays authors for leading workshops, etc. You do have to pay for hotel and plane fare.
I sure would like to see more participation of African-American authors at some of these conferences. To let them know we exist. I think our books are not being entered in the Edgar or other Awards to the extent that they should.

Any opinions out there?

Love y'all,


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