Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Memoirs of An Ex-Cootie Girl
Angela Henry

Last night when I was watching CSI: Miami I noticed promos for Monday night's guests on David Letterman. Denzel was one guest, which almost had me staying up past my bedtime to gaze upon his georgeous face. But six o'clock comes pretty early. So I took my butt to bed. I was suprised to see that Lettermans' other guest was an author. I thought you had to be on the level of a Dan Brown or JK Rowling to be a guest on Letterman. Apparently not. You just have to have a good story. And Diablo Cody, who wrote a memoir called CANDY GIRL: a year in the life of an unlikely stripper, has one all right. Ms. Cody is college grad who did a stint as a stripper when she was twenty-four. I've heard of college girls stripping to pay for college but rarely hear about women who've already been through college shaking their asses for cash.

That got me to thinking. If I wrote my memoir, what would it be about? Unless I take up naked sheep herding, or start robbing 7 Eleven's dressed like Elmo, I got nothing. My only claim to fame was my stint as the cootie girl in the seventh grade, which might make a good young adult novel but, unless I embellish ala James Frey, is hardly memoir material. If any of you out there reading this blog were to write your memoirs, what would it be called? And I already got dibs on Memoirs of an Ex-Cootie Girl. Hey, it's better than nothing!


The Crime Sistahs said...

Think it's a wonderful title for a book! Love it. Cootie Girl!

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