Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Call Me

I think I may have finally found my comfort zone when it comes to author events. Conference calls. Yes, I found that I'm not nervous at all and my voice doesn't sound strangled when I don't actually have to look at the people I'm speaking to. I had a fun conference call last Saturday with the wonderful ladies of the Open Book Closed Chapter Book Club in Columbus, OH. I wasn't able to attend their meeting in person. So, I set up a conference call during the meeting, which turned out better since the area got hit with a snow storm that evening. Anyway, I spent about twenty-five minutes discussing my book with them and answering questions. I hope they enjoyed it as much as I did.

BMW has teamed up with Random House and is jumping on the audio books bandwagon. They are offering free downloads of short stories by best-selling authors from their website. There will be a new story every two weeks.

Hey, have you guys picked up your copy of my fellow Crime Sistah Pamela Samuels-Young's debut EVERY REASONABLE DOUBT? I'm featuring Pamela's book on my mystery website MystNoir. So, check it out.


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