Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Nerves Made Of Noodles

Today I had the pleasure of being the first author interviewed for Central State University's new Literary Series. I was invited by Dr. Lovette Chinwah-Adegbola, director of CSU's communications program. I met Dr. Chinwah-Adegbola when she interviewed me for a feature in my hometown newspaper, The Springfield News-Sun. When Dr. Chinwah-Adegbola asked me if I'd come to Central State to discuss my book, I immediately said yes. But as I've mentioned in my old blog, I'm not at my best when speaking in front of groups.

The event was held at CSU's Cosby Center for Mass Communications. After I arrived I was fitted with a microphone. There was a lone chair in front of the studio audience of about twenty people. I poured myself a glass of water and silently starting freaking out. After I was welcomed and introduced, I read from my book. Believe it or not, it was the first time I'd read from my book EVER! I didn't stumble over my words but my stepfather was in the audience and he confirmed what I already knew. I was nervous and it showed. When I get nervous my throat tightens up and I sound like I'm being slowly strangled. The more I try and loosen up, the worse it gets. During these types of events I'm usually torn between hoping people think that I always sound like my neck has just been wrung and praying for a quick death.

After my reading there was a Q & A with the audience. They had a lot of questions and I was happy. But I still kept checking to see if any of them were giving me that angry villager look that usually proceeds the taking up of torches to run me off the campus for wasting their time with my squeaky voice. The event finished up with a booksigning, during which I posed for pictures and was interviewed for the CSU student newspaper, The Gold Torch. It was an excellent venue for discussing my book and everyone was so nice. If only I could get my nerves under control!


Ms. Monkeythong said...

Have you considered Xanax? ;-)

Angela Henry said...

No. I've considered liquor but can see where that might not be so good in the long run. Going from nervous to drunk would not be a good thing!

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