Monday, November 21, 2005

At The Club

By Angela Henry

Saturday I was one of four featured authors at the Open Book-Closed Chapter Book Club's 10th anniversary celebration. I had a great time! The ladies of the book club were very gracious hosts and made everyone feel welcome. The event was held at the Gahanna branch of the Columbus Public Library and was well attended. The food was delicious and I enjoyed meeting fellow authors: Xavier Benoit, Nikki Jenkins, and Janice Johns Redman. Each of us had 20 minutes to discuss anything we wanted. Most of us talked about how and why we started writing and our roads to publication. I wish I could say that I did a better job with my nerves than I did at Central State, but I think I did about the same. I didn't do so bad when it came to talking about my book and why I wrote it. But when I actually read from my book my throat got so dry I could barely get the words out and had to cut it short. But I still had a wonderful time. Thank you ladies!

Have you heard that best-selling author Eric Jerome Dickey has signed with Marvel Comics to write a limited series about the X-Men character Storm. It should be interesting.

Check out one of my favorite mystery writer's essay on a novelist's responsiblity.

Here's a fascinating story about Doris Payne's 50 year career as an international jewel thief! Hollywood are you listening?


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