Wednesday, June 24, 2009

C’est La Vie
By Angela Henry

Every so often, when I find myself feeling incredibly bored and restless, which lately seems to be a lot. I start having fantasies about chucking it all and moving to Paris. After all, I don’t really have anything holding me back but my own fear and reticence. I start researching job opportunities, which are pretty non-existent for foreigners unless you want to teach English. I don’t. And if you start your own business, you get eaten alive by the French tax system. I look at apartment rentals online, which can be pretty damned expensive for a place the size of my living room. But there is just something about living in such a beautiful city so rich in history and grand architecture that seems so appealing. Fortunately, there are Americans living in Paris who share their day-to-day Parisian existence in ezine and blog form who I can live through vicariously.

Prissy Magazine- Founded by American expat Pricilla Lalisse. Prissy touts itself as a unique look into every day Parisian life brought to you by the Anglophones who live it. There’s even a section called Hook Me Up for those looking for love. Lalisse is also the author of the novel Stockdale.

Secrets of Paris-Founded by American Heather Stimmler-Hall. Secrets of Paris offers invaluable insight and info about Paris. Stimmler-Hall also offers customs tours and is the author of Naughty Paris: A Lady’s Guide to the Sexy City. Ooh la la!

La Mom-A blog by an expat American mom who has lived in Paris for over a decade with her French husband (Big Cheese) and her two French fries (Big Fry and Small Fry). If you want to be entertained by the somewhat bitchy and frequently hysterical expat mommy track, this one’s for you.

L’Etrangere Americaine- is a blog by a 30 something American woman who moved to Paris for a short-term English teaching assistantship and ended up staying. I’d recommend starting from the beginning with this blog as it follows the ups and downs of someone moving to a new country, learning the language, and navigating a foreign culture.

Who knows, I may yet move to Paris. Until I do, these blogs fill the void.



Persia said...

Honey, I am right there with you! Why don't we run away together? I have always wanted to live in Paris. Dreamed of it. How did I end up in Munich? Oh, well. By the way, you might want to check out Jake Lamarr. The brother is living in Paris, in Montmartre, writing mysteries with a French kick. Check him out at And read how he made his dream of being a writer in Paris come true.

angela henry said...

Persia, I love Jake Lamar's books! I also love Cara Black's Paris mysteries. Sounds like a Paris writing retreat is in order for the Crime Sistahs. Are you game?

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