Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I'm back. . .at square one!

Okay, I didn't really mean to drop off the face of the earth. I've just been busy with other things, namely writing. One good thing about my series being dropped is that it has forced me to work on other writing projects and branch out in other directions. I guess I don't have much of a choice if I want to move forward. And as much as it hurts me to admit it--and even though I'm still hoping one day to find a new publisher for the two completed Kendra novels burning a hole on my hard drive--my series is pretty much dead in the water. I told my mother the other day that I feel like I've abandoned Kendra. She told me, "Don't worry. If I know Kendra, she'll be back." I just love my mother ; ).

So, fifteen years and three published novels later, I'm starting all over again. I recently finished a brand new novel. I'm really happy with the way it turned out. I won't say anything more about it since it's currently on submission to publishers. With the current state of publishing--namely all the layoffs--things are moving even slower than usual when it comes to submissions. Many editors, who were already overwhelmed, are now doing the work of two or more editors. I'm settling in for a nice long wait. But for me waiting is nothing new. It took me four years to write my first book and another ten to get a book contract. This time around though I have a wonderful agent and I think my writing has greatly improved since my first book. Keep your fingers crossed for me and I'll keep you posted.

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Rhonda McKnight said...


You gotta love mothers. Mines would say something just like that to make me feel better.

Unbelievable to think that publishing could slow down any more than it already is, but you're right, it's bound to be worse. Praying for you!

angela henry said...

Thank you, Rhonda ; ).

CS Designs said...

Hi Angela,

I agree with your mom, hang in there. It will be nice to see Kendra resurface again in the future.

~ Charlotte

angela henry said...

Thanks, Charlotte ; ). I felt like I was just hitting my stride with that series when the plug was pulled. Hopefully, Kendra can make a comeback one day.


Kim-free classified posting said...

I would love to see the finish product.Thanks for sharing this post.

Patricia Sargeant said...


I'm sending positive vibes your way that you get a great contract very soon.



angela henry said...

Kim-I really hope you, and everyone else, gets to see the finished product.

Patricia-Thank you for the positives vibes. I need all the help I can get,

Angie : )

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