Thursday, December 04, 2008

Carleen Brice--The Black Book Lady--Welcomes Non Black People To The African-American Book Section! Enjoy!


Kendra Norman-Bellamy said...

Okay, y'all...this was fabulous! Nothing like what I was expecting when I began viewing the video. By the end, I was doubled-over with laughter. Thanks for addressing this need in such a creative manner.

Be blessed!

angela henry said...

Thanks, Kendra! But all the credit goes to Carleen Brice. She's the one who started this movement. I think she's doing a wonderful job of drawing attention to this issue ; ).

Pamela J said...

What fun it was to watch this video! I'm one of those people who didn't even KNOW there WAS a separate section! I'll be sure to look next time I go to a book store. We don't have any close to us but will watch for my chance. Thanks.
Pam Williams

angela henry said...


Hey! Thanks for stopping by. And not all bookstores have a separate section for AA fiction but. We have two bookstores in my town a Walden Books and a B Daltons. Walden segregates but B Daltons doesn't. My favorite bookstore, Books & Company, is in the next town and doesn't have a AA section. I've worked in libraries all my life and personally think all books should be shelved by genre.

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