Friday, November 07, 2008

Pinch Me! It's Real!

I'm still at that stage of trying to absorb it all. My 91-year-old mother and teenage daughter (who voted in her first election this year) seem more able to accept the reality of Obama's victory than I am. It. Is. Just. So. Wonderful.

And I do hope that people will be realistic and give the man a chance. It took years of bad decisions to get us into this mess, to send the country into this downward spiral. I'd be content if he'd just manage to put on the breaks.


As for me, I'm ...

Writing With My Eyes Closed

So that's what I'm doing today. I started doing it because of eye strain, but find it's really an enjoyable way to concentrate. The inner storyteller seems to be released. I can focus on the images in the my mind and describe them better. The NaNo writing's going well, well enough. I'm at that point where I'm already bored with the story, but I know from experience that that doesn't mean anything. It's a slow-moving story, not the kind of fast-paced narrative I usually strive to write. And it's sort of lacking a plot, sort of. We'll see. I'm happy with it. i'm happy with the lack of pressure that comes from just closing my eyes and letter the words come, without editorial judgment. It's nice. I'd love to hit 15,000 words today. Don't know if I will, but that's a goal. - Persia

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