Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pub News You Can Use

Check out this article about author Clyde W. Ford's 20 minute film for his new thriller Precious Cargo--narrated by Morgan Freeman--and developing a new software system that allows readers to virtually visit locations featured in the book using Microsoft's Virtual Earth.

Read here about how first-time author and social and environmental activist Van Jones's new book , The Green Collar Economy, became a New York Times Best Seller with an almost nonexistent marketing budget.

Ever wonder why some books don't get picked up by Border's. Click here for the answer.

Today Show producer Jaclyn Levin gives tips on how authors--even self-published ones--can get booked on the show.

Want to know why author MJ Rose is giving away her last book The Reincarnationist? Click here to find out AND download the book for FREE!

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CS Designs said...

Hi Angela,

Great info. I love Van Jones' book. I am on my way to view the info on it from the link you provided right now (smile).

~ Charlotte

angela henry said...

You're welcome, Charlotte ; ).

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