Monday, February 04, 2008

More on contracts

Last week, we chatted about the importance of reviewing publishing contracts before signing them. Eugenia O'Neal was kind enough to share her suggestions. Eugenia recommended asking other authors and lawyers, and searching Web sites for contract information. All great suggestions, Eugenia. Thank you again.

Crime Sistah Persia Walker agreed with Eugenia's recommendation to contact a lawyer. She also directed us to the Authors Guild. Thanks, Persia.

One of the benefits of belonging to the Authors Guild is that members receive free contract reviews from its Legal Services Department. The Guild's Web site,, includes contract tips as well.

Science Fiction Writers of America's Web site,, includes samples of model contracts as well as helpful comments about specific contract clauses. Mystery Writers of America's contract page offers a link to the SFWA's contract page.

Some literary agents are attorneys or partner with attorneys to review publishing contracts. These are things you may want to keep in mind when choosing an agent.

In any event, it's a good idea to do as much research regarding contracts as you can. The more you know, the more involved you can be in guiding your career. The more confidence you'll have in addressing issues such as option clauses, basket accounting and reprint rights.

What are these issues/terms, you ask? Well, I've got to save something for next week's conversation. ;)

One last thing; I participate on a group MySpace page of Ohio romance authors, We're sponsoring a Valentine's Day contest starting today and running through Valentine's Day. We're picking a winner from people who comment any time between now and Valentine's Day. I've pasted the prize list below. If you get a chance, I hope you'll stop by.


Ohio Romance Authors Valentine's Contest prizes:
Lori Foster: Cafepress T-shirt and Tote bag; print book - Hard to Handle, print book - SERVANT: The Awakening.
Donna MacMeans: Print book - The Education of Mrs. Brimley
Alison Paige: free download - Witch Lore
Becky Barker: Print book - Chameleons
Kay Stockham: Print book - Another Man's Baby
Sophia Rae: Print book - A Stranger’s Bed
Jayne Rylon: ebook - Picture Perfect
Anne Rainey: Suni’s Gift; Haley’s Cabin
Jamie Denton: Remain Silent; My Guilty Pleasure; Coffee Mug
Patricia Sargeant: Print book – On Fire; Godiva chocolates
Saralee Etter: Print book - A Limited Engagement
Marcia James: Stuffed dog with downloadable book – At Her Command
Dianne Castell: Hot & Bothered tote bag and Arc
Erin McCarthy: Print book: High Stakes
Carol Ann Erhardt: Print book – Foxfire
Rosemary Laurey: Book bag and print book, Midnight Lover.
Madelaine Oh: T-shirt
Sandy Wickersham-McWhorter: Print book – Cottonwoodplace
Jenna Petersen: Print book – Everything Forbidden, and bound ARC – Lessons from a Courtesan (in March when ARCs arrive.)
Jacki Bentley: CD book – Horseman’s Heritage


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