Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Writer is a Writer is an Artist??

By Charlotte Morris (Guest Blogger)

Okay, conventional wisdom tells us that an aspiring writer’s ultimate goal is to write a great literary masterpiece, or at the very least, a published novel. Well, apparently somebody forgot to tell Jackie Ormes all about that.

And who is Jackie Ormes?

Mrs. Ormes just happens to be one of the most acclaimed writers/artists in American history. Her most notable body of work was the Torchy Brown comic strip series. Torchy Brown was the first comic strip to feature an African-American female as the lead character. It first appeared in the Pittsburgh Courier in 1937. Ormes also created another popular comic strip entitled, “Patty-Jo ‘n’ Ginger. Her Patty-Jo character was made into a doll in 1947, and even today, it remains high on many doll collectors’ lists.

A book that chronicles this talented artist’s life is scheduled for release in 2008. But for now, to find out more about Jackie Ormes, check out the links listed below:


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