Monday, October 29, 2007

Blonde Faith by Walter Mosley

If rumors are true that Walter Mosley's Blonde Faith is his tenth and final Easy Rawlins thriller, the novel is a fitting farewell for this complex, multi-dimensional fiction icon.

Mr. Mosley's Easy Rawlins thrillers aren't just about a private investigator on a case. They're about a father caring for "the children of his heart," an ex-lover working through regrets, a loyal friend balancing the knife edge of right and wrong, a black man maintaining his dignity and self-respect in this white man's world.

In Blonde Faith, Easy's best friend, Mouse, is missing and accused of murder. But Easy thinks Mouse is being set up. Another friend, Christmas Black, also has disappeared. Why are soldiers looking for him? And what role does Faith Laneer play? In addition, his true love, Bonnie Shay, is marrying another man and, seemingly every day Easy confronts racism.

What I love most about Mr. Mosley's writing is - his writing. His voice is ironic, thoughtful and true. It's also beautiful and poetic. It's no wonder the New York Times calls him a "literary artist."

As an author, there are several lines within Blonde Faith I wish I'd thought of first. For example - don't worry; I don't do spoilers - there's a scene in which Easy is staring down one of the officers looking for Christmas Black. Mr. Mosley writes, "I couldn't have looked into a woman's eyes as deeply as Miles stared into mine - not without passion growing out of it." I laughed out loud.

In another scene, Easy has these thoughts of one of his friends, "Jackson was the only man I knew personally who understood Einstein's theory of relativity, and he was still more superstitious than a room full of four-year olds."

Whether you're a devoted Easy Rawlins fan or this is the first time you've heard of the series, don't miss Blonde Faith. Mr. Mosley's writing pulls you into a world of honest emotions, loyal friendships and personal courage.



angela henry said...


Great review! I can't wait to read it ; ).


patricia sargeant said...

Hi, Angela. Thank you for your compliment. I couldn't put Blonde Faith down. He truly is a poetic writer. I loved it. Let me know your reaction once you've finished it.

Marcia James said...

Very good review! I sure wish you reviewed books for our local newspaper! ;-) I've only read one of the Easy Rawlins' series so far and look forward to this one.
-- Marcia James

patricia sargeant said...

Marcia! Thank you so much for stopping by and posting a comment. And thank you for your kind words regarding the review.



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