Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Digging Out From Under!

I'm back! I finally finished and turned in my proposal for my 5th book. Boy, am I glad to have gotten that out of the way. Next, I'd like to say a big Congratulations to my fellow Crime Sistah, Patricia, on her new book release ON FIRE!

I have been running seriously behind in my book trailer posts. There was a good blog article this week by Publishers Weekly contributing editor Barbara Vey about Book Trailers. So, to help catch up, here are two book trailers, one for Farrah Rochon's DELIVER ME and the other Cheryl Kay Tardif's WHALE SONG!




patricia sargeant said...

Thanks for the cheers, Angela. I really appreciate them. And congratulations to you for submitting your fifth manuscript. That's tremendous! Best wishes for many, many more.

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