Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bringing Books To Life Visually

I would be really hard not to notice how authors and publishers are using videos and trailers to promote books. Many authors are including trailers for their books, or videos of themselves being interviewed about their books, on their websites. Book videos are all over You Tube and MySpace. Some publishers like Kunati Books International and Simon and Schuster are making trailers for all of their books. There are even companies like Vidlit and Circle Of Seven Productions who specialize in book trailers/videos. And let's face it, for most authors having a trailer created for our books is the only way any of us are ever going to see it on the screen.

Personally, I think book videos are a great promotion tool. So much so that I'm going to start featuring one every week. So, if you've got one for your book, or you know of a good one you'd like to pass along, please email me the link at angelar.henry@gmail.com. I'll be picking the ones with the most appeal and interest. They don't have to be mystery related. They just have to be good.

To kick things off, here is the book video of Blair Underwood, Steven Barnes, and Tananarive Due discussing their new book CASANEGRA. Enjoy!



patricia sargeant said...

Angela, what a really great idea to post book videos. I look forward to seeing the submissions. Are you having one done for your Kendra Clayton series?

Angela Henry said...


I'd love to have one done but they are expensive. So, I'm teaching myself how to use the iMovie software that came with my computer.

Lynn Hoffman said...

The videos at www.kunati.com are really innovative. They aren't narratives or extracts from the book and they certainly aren't interviews with the author. They have a sort of dreamy and suggestive quality that plants a little brain virus.

very instructive.

Lynn Hoffman, author of bang BANG isbn1601640005bill87

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