Sunday, September 03, 2006


Well, okay, I'm being a little grandiose. She's not really a bookseller--she's a CRM at Borders in Fairfield. CT., but I have to say she's really on my side. She used to be a nun before, and she really looks like what one would think a nun looks like. Her books tastes are very "catholic." Pun, pun. Anyway, she told me she'd like to have an event night at her bookstore with African American authors, but I guess she doesn't know any that are around in the area that might come.
Anybody out there in the New York City and surrounding area interested in being part of an African American Book Night? She's really terrific. She prepares well, and she gets people to come out. She asked me if I knew authors--I said, no, I don't associate with writers. Ha! Which is half true. I'm only now beginning to meet other authors. And there are so many of us. It seems it'll take a lifetime to become acquainted with everybody current and know something about their work. These days, especially--takes all I can do to focus on MY writing.

I find myself escaping into movies, however. Okay, I know I'm late with this movie too, but I just saw Syriana. I was impressed--another topical film--fiction, but with truths a part of the background that makes me want to grit my teeth! Grrr! Loved Jeffery Wright's performance. Understated, but solid--that boy is good.

Oh yes, I read Monique Truong's Book of Salt, a literary novel. It captured my interest and I'm amazed a young woman can write with such depth. It takes an imagined circumstance-- a closet Vietnamese gay cook in the employ of Gertrude Stein and her partner. "Salt" is a metaphor for many things in the life of this cook. Very interesting. If you want "fast," this won't be the book for you--but it's thoughtful and it'll make you think.

On of these days I'm going to read a Zane book and see what all the hoo-hoo is about. She's really piqued my interest--mostly as a marketing genius. I think she's to be admired, operating in a profession where ain't too many people getting rich--except her and one or two others.

And I'd like to pick apart what "best-selling" means. Everybody declares themselves bestselling, but how many books sold does that translate to? And does that mean the author is making a decent living? Makes me wanna go, hmm...

Okay, signing off. I'll be in Orlando this Friday, SIBA--Southern Independent Booksellers Assn. Trade Show, promoting Down and Dirty, A Landlord's Tale and seeing if I can get any interest in my mass market title to be released soon.

Oh, and to my zillions of fans out there, Hard Luck and Trouble, A Landlord's Tale, will be released Feb. 2007. No, it's not a new book--it's my first one, re-titled and mass marketed. (marketed, is that a word?) Trusting it will reach the audience for whom it's intended--the MASSES--bwa-ha-ha!


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