Friday, August 18, 2006

Sleepy Blog Round Up

I'm dog tired this morning. I got very little sleep last night. I woke up to use the bathroom and discovered the bathroom floor flooded. A leak had sprung under the bathroom sink. I cleaned up the mess, switched off the water, and put something under the pipe to catch any left over water figuring that would do until I could call a plumber this morning. Guess what? It flooded three more times! @#$&! Too tired to blog. So, here's what's going on other more awake people's blogs. Enjoy!

Author Monica Jackson has started three new blogs highlighting books and authors. One for black fiction called Books in Black, one for women's fiction, and one for paranormal fiction. Monica highlighted yours truly on Books in Black earlier this week ; ).

The BackList Blog has a good discussion about writers using MySpace to promote their work.

More on authors and MySpace on Media Bistro.

Literary Diva Rhonda Swan's latest blog entry discusses former Iraq POW Shoshana Johnson's new book deal.

Dr. Jelani Cobb will be doing an upcoming Q & A on author Tayari Jones's blog discussing his article in the September issue of Essence magazine on the growing number African-American men making trips to Brazil for secret sex vacations. There is also a link to Dr. Cobb's interview on NPR. Secret sex trips? Sounds like a great premise for a thriller doesn't it?

More Than Words, AOL's Black Book Blog, features an interview with best-selling author Karen Quinones Miller.

The Budget Fashionista's latest blog entry discusses two things I thought I'd never hear together in a sentence: Payless and designer. Yes, Payless is launching a new line of designer shoes.

Los Angeles based literary agent Mondella Jones has launched a new blog called MJ in LA.

Have a great weekend!


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