Monday, April 17, 2006

Hi, All,
Been absent for awhile. Personal things, like death and illness. But on a brighter note--going to do a weekend at the Malice Domestic Conference, held annually in Arlington, VA. It's my first Malice--I'd avoided it because I thought all the writers attending would be "cozy" writers, and I'd be out of place, but I've since learned all mystery writers are welcome. It's a chance to get to know other writers and their work, which I'm looking forward to. Sooo many writers, sooo many books...sometimes I feel like that drop of water in a vast ocean, and feel silly going around saying, "Look at me! Read MY books" when people have so many choices. But nonetheless, I'm going, and one focus will probably be--"Look at me! Read my books!" I guess that's what they call "promoting."
Well, it's after Easter, and I guess I'm resurrected, with new fire in my gut, for the next wave of promotion. Still struggling to finish the third novel. ( Now I understand why authors rent villas in foreign countrysides--it's not just pretentious plather why they do it--you know, the secluded writer, artiste, art dripping from his/her pen, et al. It's so hard to get away from it all--I mean, for real! I'd do it in a flash--all I need are the bucks.
I'll let you know how the conference went. I'm on a panel discussing violence, titled I Walk the Line. I guess I'll have to tread carefully--joke, ha!
Then I have to come up with some creative idea for a hat, for their hat contest. And then "tea" on Sunday. I'll let you know if it's my cup of tea... Hmm...tba

Gammy L. Singer,
author, Down and Dirty: Another Landlord's Tale


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